Wisconsin Scammer Uses Facebook to Defraud Unwitting Victims

Wisconsin Scammer Uses Facebook to Defraud Unwitting Victims


A scammer operating through Facebook has defrauded two Wisconsin residents for over $7,000, according to the Lincoln County Sheriff’s Department. The scammer used Facebook to encourage an older man to purchase Walmart gift cards in order to pay for “processing fees” for an AARP grant.

Another scam involved a cellphone Amazon Prime phishing scheme that the victim was able to see through. Yet another, also in Lincoln county, saw a hacker seizing a man’s computer and demanding gift cards in exchange for releasing the files.

Facebook Scam Targets Elderly

The first scam involved a targeted message to an older Lincoln County resident, informing him that he had been chosen to receive a $1,000,000 grant from the AARP. In order to access the money, however, scammers told the man he needed to go to Walmart and purchase $3,000 in gift cards to cover a processing fee.

Unfortunately, the man complied with this request, sending the scammer the requested gift cards. Then, the scammer tried to tap into more money, asking for an additional $1,500 delivery fee, also to be paid through gift cards. This continued for a few more iterations before the unfortunate victim got wise to what was happening.

All said, the man was defrauded of nearly $6,000 by this scam. The victim finally just deleted his Facebook account; however, the scammer reopened the victim’s account, having already accessed all of his information, and began asking the victim’s friends and family for money.

Amazon Prime Phone Scam

Another recent Lincoln County scam involved a cellphone Amazon Prime scheme, where scammers called the victim and demanded money to stop the erroneous sale of a $350 cell phone. Scammers alleged that the victim’s Amazon account had been hacked, and they would make it right if he sent them Walmart gift cards. Wisely, the victim told them it was a scam and hung up on them.

Hackers Seize Computer

In yet another scam, hackers were able to seize control of a Merrill man’s computer, demanding $900 in Google Play gift cards. The victim acquiesced and sent the requested gift cards to the hackers, and they released control of his computer and files.