Why Cloud Security is So Important: Virtual Scams

Have you ever heard of ransomware? If you haven’t it’s a pretty insidious type of computer virus. It works by locking all users out of the infected computer from a remote access device. The criminal operating the ransomware then threatens to delete all information from the computer unless the computer’s owner sends them an arbitrary amount of money.

Often, ransomware attacks will set up a bank deposit page with their demands and the threat of deleting all information on the computer. However, many ransomware attackers have no plan of ever giving the information back to begin with, and will just delete the files anyway before relinquishing control of the computer.

The best way to avoid these types of malicious attacks is to use good antivirus software. However, you can also invest in cloud security to backup your files. If your files are routinely backed up to the cloud, ransomware attacks mean nothing to you. You can simply tell the hacker to go ahead and delete your files and then restore them from the cloud backup!