Why are Medicare Scams so Common?

Medicare is a huge business for hospitals and insurance agencies. The healthcare system in the US is a massive industry that makes billions of dollars a year for the biggest pharmaceutical companies. As such, it’s no surprise that all that money attracts scammers like moths to a flame. When con men and scammers see a huge amount of money, they try to get a cut.

Medicare, the government insurance supplement for older Americans, is a common target for scammers. Since Medicare recipients are older, they’re often less technologically savvy and can be more easily targeted by scams. Additionally, as older people often need medical attention more often than younger folks, it’s easier to use Medicare to get their attention.

Make sure you always keep your Medicare information private. Don’t fall for any emails or phone calls purporting to offer you cash payouts or other services in exchange for your Medicare info. Steer clear of any fishy medical products claiming they’re free under Medicare: these are often just dressed-up scams.