Understanding How Email Scams Really Work

You probably think you’re pretty tech-savvy, right? You’ve got your password logger or your generator, you don’t go to any websites that you don’t trust… but that doesn’t mean that you’ve got the whole thing on lock.

Email phishing scams are more popular than ever, and let’s be honest – scammers are getting good at what they’re doing.

An email comes into your inbox that asks you if you had logged in from this location, usually across the globe. Or maybe there was an error with your Netflix account and billing. The email asks you to click through to confirm you’re you, and get the situation taken care of.

Surprise! It’s a scam. The URL goes to one owned by the scammer, and when you input your information, they now have your login. Bummer!

Never click on links from an email, always go to the main site. Double-check all of the URLs and read the email carefully. If there are typos, formatting issues, or low-quality logos, you know it’s a scam.

Millions fall for this every year. Be careful, don’t be another statistic.