The Top 4 Common Hotel Scams

The Top 4 Common Hotel Scams


You probably think of a hotel as a place to rest, relax, and recharge during your travels. But if you get scammed, your hotel heaven can quickly turn into a nightmare. Keep your dream vacation scam-free by educating yourself about how to spot and avoid these common hotel and travel scams.

Food Delivery Hotel Scams

At chain hotels and motels without restaurants, there are often flyers for Chinese takeout, pizza delivery, and other local food delivery services slipped under customers’ room doors. This isn’t necessarily a problem; after all, you might want a bite to eat after your travels. But once in a while, these flyers are part of a common hotel scam that could end in stolen money rather than any pizza showing up at your door!

If you call the number on the flyer and order your food, you might choose to order with a credit or debit card. But the person on the other end of the line might not be from an eatery at all. And now they have your name, credit card number, and personal information. They can use that to steal funds from you or to pull a number of identity theft scams.

Especially if it’s not a flyer for a well-known chain restaurant like Domino’s, make sure to check out the business’ Facebook page or website. If you still feel wary, ask the hotel front desk to point you towards a reputable food delivery service nearby.

Identity Theft Travel Scams

Other identity theft travel scams might involve the front desk.

If you get a call from the receptionist asking you to verify your personal information or credit card number, you might think it’s innocent. But think twice! One common hotel scam involves someone calling the hotel and asking for different room numbers, hoping to be put through to an innocent victim who will give away their identifying information over the phone.

If your hotel really needs your personal information, they will ask you to come down to the front desk or will ask if they can come to your room in person. They won’t call you and ask for credit card info over the phone.

The Hotel Employee Travel Scam

One common travel scam involves people posing as hotel employees, such as a housekeeper, bellhop, or room service delivery person. They could steal your cash or other belongings after you let them in, or they could ask for your credit card information as part of their service.

To avoid this travel scam, check the nametag and uniform of any employee you interact with. If something feels off, ask for their name and let the front desk know so you can verify that the person is indeed employed by the hotel.

Wi-Fi Hotel Scams

Another common hotel scam involves the Wi-Fi network. You might try logging in only to be asked for personal information, like your name, address, phone number, email, and credit card information. But some scammers will create a fake Wi-Fi network to steal personal info from unsuspecting travelers.Always ask about the Wi-Fi network login and password before you try to get onto the internet. Remember that anyone can name their Wi-Fi service anything, including your hotel’s moniker, so don’t be fooled.