Spotting Door to Door Scams and How to Avoid Getting Duped

Spotting Door to Door Scams and How to Avoid Getting Duped


  • People are frequently duped by door to door scammers. Sometimes it can be difficult to turn people away especially if they appear to be nice. Don’t fall for their schemes. Learn how to spot and avoid door to door scams.
  • Most door to door scammers will disguise themselves by wearing uniforms and name tags that look similar to other companies. They may even be scoping out your home for a future burglary.
  • There are 3 ways in which you can prevent scammers from even knocking on your door.
  • There are 3 suggestions on how to deal with door to door scammers if you happen to open the door.

Thank the stars for peepholes on front doors! Being able to see who just knocked or rang the bell before you open the door is a God-send as well as a time-saving luxury. Door to door sales representatives and solicitors induce anxiety and can be very pushy.

It’s understandable that some offer legitimate products or services and are very respectful, but these are few and far between. Most door to door interactions involve scams and they can be tough to avoid at times, especially if you don’t have a peephole.

Continue reading to learn more about the different types of door to door scams and the steps you can take to avoid being duped.

How Door to Door Scams Operate

Most door to door scam artists will wear uniforms and name tags similar in design to other companies in the industry they are trying to imitate. If they look young enough, they may even mention that they are an intern or a part-time worker in an attempt to lower an unsuspecting victim’s guard.

A door to door fraudster will encourage and push you into buying products you don’t need, services that you already have, or items that don’t even exist. Their only goal is to cause you to make an irrational decision based solely on fear and anxiety.

However, some door to door scams take things one step further. Rather than trying to sell you something you don’t need, the phony sales rep will distract you as their partner scopes out your home to either rob you on the spot or come back at a later time. Being robbed while at home and in broad daylight can be very unnerving.

How to Avoid Door to Door Scams

The best way to avoid being scammed by a door to door sales rep is to keep them from knocking in the first place. Use the following suggestions to prevent interacting with door to door scam artists.

  • Install two-way audio security cameras – Although this solution may be a bit expensive, it can certainly keep sales reps from even approaching your doorstep. As soon as you see a scammer in the camera, simply ask them to leave your property and that you aren’t interested.
  • Display signs in your yard – Posting signs such as “No Solicitors” or “Baby Sleeping” can deter scammers from knocking on your door. Some counties even have regulations against ignoring posted signs.
  • Install a gate or fence – Giving scammers another obstacle to conquer may not be worth it for them. Being able to lock the gate will certainly keep door to door sales reps from approaching your porch. They can’t sell you anything if they can’t get to you.

If by chance you do open the door to discover a door to door scammer on the other side, implement the following tactics to easily send them on their way.

  • Don’t let a scammer inside – Door to door scammers that request to come inside to investigate a service they are trying to sell may be scoping out your home instead. Simply denying their request to come inside will more than likely push them away.
  • Ask questions – Once you open the door, you’ll be welcomed with a barrage of information. The scammer’s lines are rehearsed. Ask some questions of your own to gauge whether or not they actually know what they are doing. If they stumble over their word, they’re more than likely making stuff up.
  • Say “No” and call the police – One of the easiest yet most controversial ways to have a door to door sales rep leave is to flat out say “No, I’m not interested.” If they refuse to leave your property, threaten to call the police. They won’t be sticking around for long.