Rehab Center or Full-Blown Scam? Know the Difference

People who have a hard time quitting cigarettes or alcohol can often feel quite helpless. The same goes for people addicted to illicit drugs. However, they can often find help in the form of rehabilitation centers, which offer medical assistance and psychiatric help for addicts. Some very evil people, however, operate fake rehab centers as scams.

These are often advertised online and are little more than front for scammers to collect money. Before you give any money to a rehab center, make sure you visit the location in person. When you can see the facilities, and the patients, you can often get a better feel for whether an advertised center is legit.

Another good way to screen for scams is to check a center’s official filings with the medical authorities of your area. If they aren’t forthcoming with this information, odds are good that the rehab center you’re investigating is a scam, not a medical facility.