Phone Scams are More Common than Ever: How to Avoid Them

It feels like there’s some new phone scam popping up every day. How can you be best prepared to avoid them? Well, the first step is being able to spot them easily. Many modern smartphones have automated ways to tell if a number is a likely scam, which helps.

Another good way to spot a scam is a phone call from a source that would normally not call you. The IRS, your local tax office and sheriff’s offices typically don’t make cell phone calls. If you’re getting a high volume of calls about things like arrest warrants, credit card bills or unpaid taxes, it’s quite likely they’re all scams.

Make sure you block any number from scammers. It’s easy to just put them on your phone’s blacklist and prevent them from contacting you. There are also settings in most phones that simply screen any number you don’t have saved in your phone, making it much easier to simply ignore scammers altogether.