Pet Scams: How To Avoid Losing Money To Scammers

Pet Scams: How To Avoid Losing Money To Scammers


Have you ever gone out of your way to meet someone you only know from the internet to pick up a new family pet? If so, you probably know how nerve-wracking it can be. You have to meet a new person in an unfamiliar environment and give them money so you can bring home an animal you hope will become a beloved pet for your family. 

Scammers know how scary this can be and so they engineer scenarios to defraud overly-trusting pet owners. Here are a few ways to avoid getting scammed by people who want to take advantage of your kindness and make a quick buck.

Ask for Papers

If you plan to buy a purebred dog or some other rare pet from someone online, make sure you ask the seller for official papers. If they want you to pay top dollar for a rare breed, they need to be able to prove their claim. 

If the seller can’t prove the authenticity of their claims, then they’re probably just trying to scam you. You should ask for a discounted price for the animal if the seller can’t prove the pet’s origins.

Just because an animal isn’t a rare breed doesn’t mean it won’t be a great pet, but it also doesn’t mean you that you should pay thousands of dollars for a breed you aren’t getting.

Inspect the Pet

Never offer money for an animal sight unseen. Visit with the pet before you pay anything to take it home. Make sure the animal is in good health, doesn’t appear malnourished or abused, and matches the description the seller provided.

For instance, if the animal seems to be sick or may have been abused by the seller, contact the authorities. The last thing you want to do is help fund an animal abuser! The sooner these animals get to the local humane society, the better.

Adopt, Don’t Shop

The best way to avoid getting scammed over a pet is to simply adopt one from your local animal shelter. There are numerous cats and dogs at your local humane society, and they’d all make great companions for you and your family. Avoid the risk of getting scammed and funding animal abuse by picking out a rescue animal from the shelter!

Remember, when you adopt an animal you’re giving the humane society more room to take in other pets in need. You’ll be doing more than getting a furry friend. You’ll also be saving the life of another animal who needs a forever home.