New Scam Alert: Don’t Post Your PS5 Order Confirmation

New Scam Alert: Don’t Post Your PS5 Order Confirmation


It’s tough to get the stuff you really want right now, thanks to supply shortages and plentiful scalpers staying home and shopping online. As such, when you get lucky and strike through and manage to actually get an order on an item you really want, you might be excited. In your excitement, happy to have bested the scalpers and the bots that tried to stop you from having the item, you might even post a screenshot of your order confirmation.

However, experts warn that this is a terrible idea. Here’s the problem: your order confirmation isn’t just a fun celebration of your good fortune. It’s also probably loaded full of personal information. Everything from your credit card number to the order number and even to your shipping address could be present on a screenshot of your order. By posting such a screenshot online, you could be setting yourself up for any number of scams.

Order Number

Someone who works for the company you ordered your item from could use the order number to find the exact package. If your item was expensive and hard to find, like a PlayStation 5, then people who work for the delivery company could be tempted to “lose” your order and have it somehow find its way to their car, instead.

While this is the sort of thing you would hope doesn’t happen, the resell value on some items is high enough that some people will risk their jobs on stealing them.

Card Information

It’s easy to forget how much you should be guarding your card information. After all, you use your card so often in normal activity that you can take for granted that it’s something unscrupulous people would love to steal from you. If you post a picture that includes even a partial card number, identity thieves will jump at the opportunity to steal your money straight out of your bank account by buying things like pre-paid gift cards.

Address Information

You don’t want strangers to have your address for any reason, of course, but you especially don’t want them to know the address you’re having something like a PS5 delivering to. Opportunistic scammers could try to intercept your package by waiting near your house for the delivery, and some criminals are bold enough that they would simply break into your home and steal the item in question. Be careful, and never post your personal info online, even if it is to celebrate a big win!