Job Listing Scams: Stay Vigilant

If you’ve been looking for a new job recently, you might be spending a lot of time looking at job posting boards online. Make sure, when you’re looking for a new job, that you’re avoiding job listing scams. There are numerous “multi-level marketing” companies out there that are little more than scams disguised as jobs.

Companies under MLM umbrellas often change names to avoid legal recourse and prey on younger, less financially well-off people. They are often billed as “management training courses” and purport to help set their “employees” up as “business owners.” They talk about “downstreaming” and other buzzwords designed to make people think they’re legitimate businesses.

Instead, these scams have more in common with cults than actual businesses. If you’re being made to work long hours with a promise of the eventual commission but low base pay, you could be part of an MLM scam. Remember: any multilevel marketing “company” is truly a scam designed to extract maximum profits from their marks.