iPhone Users Watch Out: Apple Support Phone Scam

iPhone Users Watch Out: Apple Support Phone Scam


The Apple iPhone is one of the most popular smartphones in the world. Indeed, the original iPhone is largely credited with creating the modern smartphone landscape and largely reshaping the modern world. As the second-most-popular operating system for smartphones, it’s a common target of scammers, too.

One such new scam sees petty criminals posing as Apple Support to defraud would-be victims of their hard-earned money. Here are the details of the new Apple Support scam that is making the rounds.

The Bait

The scammers set the bait by calling their mark numerous times. It’s not just one call, or maybe two, but dozens of persistent calls from an unknown number. The scammers on the other end insist that they’re Apple Support, calling to warn you about an urgent issue with your device. During the call, the scammers will insist that there is some fundamental issue plaguing your phone, and that it will result in it no longer working if you don’t address it immediately.

The scam assumes that most people will be so frustrated by the calls and so rattled by the urgent message from “Apple Support” that they just send the money to get the calls to stop. However, this is just playing into the hands of the would-be thieves. They demand money in exchange for fixing your phone, something they claim they can do on the call, as long as you wire them the cash.

Avoiding This Scam

Thankfully, it’s easy enough to sidestep this type of scam. The first thing you can do to avoid such scams is to just ignore any and all phone calls from unknown or non-provided numbers. If you can’t tell who is calling from caller ID, just ignore the call. It’s annoying, sure, but it’s not something that will actually hurt you or your phone.

Here’s the thing: you have to ignore calls from unknown numbers to keep these petty criminals from knowing that you have a functional phone number. Once you pick up and say “hello,” they know they can reach an actual person on that line.

Another option is to install an app that blocks scam calls. RoboKiller and Mr. Number are two popular apps that claim to be able to dissuade most spam calls from reaching you. Most of all, use your common sense to avoid these scams. If someone calls you and claims you owe money, they’re a scammer ninety-nine times out of 100.