Insurance Scams, Fraud, and Ambulance Chasing: Know the Signs

If you’re a small business owner, you often know the risks of someone trying to scam you out of your insurance money. These scams can take the forms of scammers purposefully becoming injured on your property. They’ll slip in something they spilled, or act in a dangerous way, in order to get hurt and sue your business.

These scammers often justify their misdeeds by saying that it’s the insurance companies who are being scammed, not local businesses. However, these scams make insurance rates go way up for businesses everywhere, which hurts more than just the store they target. They fake health conditions and make life harder for everyone around.

To keep such scams from hurting your business, make sure you invest in a good security system. Cameras that can see even secluded parts of your business are a great first step. Microphones to catch any scammers conspiring are also ideal. Then, put notices up on your property that recording is in progress, and most would-be scammers will be too scared to even try to fleece you!