Girl Scout Cookie Scam Perplexes New Yorkers

Girl Scout Cookie Scam Perplexes New Yorkers


A father and daughter have been identified as the culprits behind a bizarre scam involving Girl Scout cookies. The pair would allegedly offer to sell their victims the popular brand of dessert treats, only to never send the products. Eleven people in Long Island contacted the authorities about the scam, saying they paid for products that the duo never delivered.

Notably, victims described the young girl and her older accomplice as a father and daughter, but police don’t have any concrete evidence that the two are related. The young girl reportedly told the victims she was selling Girl Scout cookies and took payment from them before handing the money over to the adult man. 

Scam Perplexes New Yorkers

The people who spoke to the authorities say they’re less concerned about the money than they are about the young girl’s wellbeing. Her age and name are unknown, but the victims of the scam say they’re worried that the man is forcing her to cooperate in the scheme. One victim, Jose Castillo, says he ran into the girl outside his restaurant. 

“Little young girl, about 11, excited selling Girl Scout cookies, and my wife was right in front and said wow, why not help the little one,” Castillo told reporters. “I have a kid, and to think someone can use a kid like that it’s heartbreaking. I don’t think it’s fair.”

Girl Scouts Try To Make Things Right

The Suffolk County chapter of the Girl Scouts has confirmed that it intends to cooperate with police and help them identify the duo behind the scam. The chapter also says it plans to reimburse victims by giving them the cookies they intended to purchase. 

It is unclear at this time whether the girl is actually a Girl Scout, or if the entire story is a fabrication. Anyone with information about the scheme is encouraged to contact the Suffolk County authorities. 

Avoiding the Scheme

Prospective buyers of Girl Scout cookies are encouraged to be careful when handing cash to strangers. It’s easy for a duplicitous scammer to just flee with the cash and never complete the transaction. If you plan to buy any dessert treats from a Girl Scout who you don’t know, make sure they have the products within arm’s reach before handing them any money.

Once you’ve selected the items you want to purchase and have them in hand, complete the transaction. Never pay for something the seller doesn’t have, and always ask for a receipt.