Door to Door Salesmen, or Would-be Burglars Casing Your Home?

Door to Door Salesmen, or Would-be Burglars Casing Your Home?


It’s a Saturday afternoon, and you’re at home enjoying the weekend with your family. There’s a knock at the door, and you’re greeted by a friendly salesperson. He’s trying to interest people in your neighborhood in a new security system, or maybe home improvement, or maybe a new solar panel system, you didn’t quite catch what he said.

He leans around you, trying to peek into your home. He asks about when you’re at work when you’ll be home when you might want to meet for a consultation. The sales tactics are high-pressure, and the salesman seems invasive, but you’re not sure what to do. Is this a door-to-door salesman, or a scammer?

Casing the Homes

Would-be burglars often employ tactics designed to look innocuous when they case homes they might steal from. Often, they’ll send in a charismatic accomplice to offer some service or another, often home improvement, in order to gain access to homes to “case” them. This involves noting the resident’s work schedules, any security they may have, whether they have pets that could alert the neighbors to a burglary, and, of course if they have valuables worth pilfering.

Generally speaking, it’s a good idea to keep details relating to your home’s security, your work schedule, and your valuables a secret. If a door-to-door salesman approaches your home, insist on either talking outside or simply sending them away. Allowing strangers access to your home is generally a bad idea.

Avoiding Burglary

Often, dissuading burglars is as easy as taking a few preliminary steps. A few exterior cameras will dissuade all but the most determined of thieves. Security locks on your windows, a tall fence, and a few signs warning of your security system are also helpful. Often, cameras connected to nothing at all, and signs warning of nonexistent security systems are enough to convince would-be thieves to pass on your home.

If you live in a more dangerous area with high home break-in rates, you might consider more advanced security measures. Home security systems with monitoring, a full-enclosure fence with a locked gate and maybe a big dog with a loud voice all do wonders at convincing anyone aside from a professional thief from trying to break in.

Whatever the case, remain vigilant. Scammers and would-be burglars are crafty, and times are tough. Everyone’s looking for a way to make a quick buck, so protect your property by using your common sense.