Don’t Get Scammed: Buying Used Cars is Easier than You Think

We all know the classic image of the used car salesman. The slick, fast-talking scammer who wants to get you into a lemon as fast as possible and make the biggest commission check he can get. No one likes that guy, and rightly so. However, buying used cars is still one of the best ways to get a good deal on some good wheels.

So, how do you get a used car without getting scammed? Make sure you do your research. Buying from Craigslist or similar online sellers can be an exercise in frustration. However, test drives and ample research can show you if you’re getting a good deal. Just stay vigilant for potential issues with the vehicle.

If you must shop at a dealership, which we never recommend, be icy. Car salesmen are sharks, and they’re eager to get you into a car and off their lot as fast as they can. Come armed with knowledge, and stay aloof.

It’s best to shop for a car when you don’t need one, so there’s no urgency, and so the salesmen have no bargaining power. Stay informed and stay safe!