Cloud Security Scams: They’re Real, They’re Hard to Spot

Phishing has been around as long as emails and electronic communication has, so it’s no surprise that scammers aren’t struggling at all to keep up with the times. Cloud backup scams are just another in the long list of new and scary scams that are taking hold of the internet.

About 22.5% of phishing attacks targeted cloud storage in 2016, according to a report released by security vendor PhishLabs. Most of these only target the ‘main’ storage solutions, like Google’s cloud system or DropBox.

Most of the time, the scam involves sending the user an email letting them know their information has been shared. A document, a picture, that sort of thing. Obviously, you haven’t shared that. The link takes you to a fake login page, where you input your information – and just like that, the scammer has your login information, and access to all your stored information.

Keep your data safe, keep your eye out for cloud backup scams, and never give your login information out.