Better Business Bureau Warns of Scams Ahead of New Round of Stimulus Checks

Better Business Bureau Warns of Scams Ahead of New Round of Stimulus Checks


With the recent results of the Georgia Senate race in, it looks like Congress might pass another addendum to the stimulus checks. Likewise, many people are still waiting on the $600 checks from the second round of stimulus sent out last week. Ahead of this, the Better Business Bureau has issued a warning relating to scams that involve stimulus checks.

If you’re still waiting on your first check or you’re looking ahead to a potential second, be on the lookout for these scams.

What to Watch For

The BBB has warned of scammers using lots of techniques to attempt to defraud people waiting for their relief checks. Everything from text messages to robocalls and spam emails have been reported as people wait anxiously for government relief. These scam hooks can take a variety of forms. Some purport to be holding the money people are waiting for and just need a Social Security number to free up the funds. Others claim that there’s an issue with the money or the recipient owes back taxes that have to be paid before they can get their relief check.

Others entirely are more directly threatening, simply claiming that the scammers have intercepted the money and requiring “processing fees” to free up the funds. The BBB has warned Americans that no such fees exist and to disregard any messages claiming that they need to pay.

Those with questions about the status of their stimulus check can go to the IRS website to look up their information. This resource is free for everyone, and can help clear up any questions you might have about the status of your money.

Other Advice

Some Americans will receive the money in the form of a direct deposit, if that’s the way they receive their tax refund. These people need not do anything to authorize the funds; they’ll simply be deposited into their accounts. Others will be receiving paper checks if the government has no bank account on file for them but does have their address.

In the case of a paper check, it will be mailed via USPS and will be clearly marked as a check from the US government. Simply cash this check like you would any other. Other people will be receiving a prepaid debit card with the money loaded on it, if this is how they elect to receive their tax refund. In these cases, make sure you verify the card is legitimate before using it. Some scammers may use fake cards to attempt to defraud people.