Are Modern Diets all Scams? The Facts

Every week, there’s a new fad diet making the rounds. Sometimes it’s high fat, low carb. Other times, it’s low fat, high carb. No matter what, however, it’s probably a scam. “That can’t be right,” you’re thinking. “People lose weight dieting all the time.” While this is true, it doesn’t mean dieting isn’t a scam.

Dieting, in a strict sense, means you simply eat smaller portions than usual. There’s no reason to engage in specific, limiting diets. Eating smaller portions, by definition, will cause you to lose weight. It sounds simple because it is: deceptively so. Losing weight is frustratingly simple. That doesn’t mean it’s easy.

There are numerous simple things that are hard. Working out, eating less and avoiding unhealthy foods is how you lose weight. There is no magic bullet or miracle diet that will lose weight for you.

You have to be dedicated, you have to exercise, and you have to manage your portions. Anyone telling you anything else is trying to scam you.