We all know that creating complicated passwords is important. Dates, names, and events are all bad passwords. If it’s easy to guess, it’s going to be a bad choice! So how do you choose a secure password?

The best passwords are a combination of numbers, letters, and symbols – but they shouldn’t be easy to guess. However, it can be frustrating to try and remember each separate, random password for each site.

The safest combination you can choose is to use a Password Generator, so it will spit out something like this: @hN4*shu!dseGds.

That’s hard to remember though, right? Using a secure password safe like LastPass will help keep all your logins organized, and even generate secure passwords for you.

You don’t have to go that far, though – use a random combination of words, symbols, and numbers that mean nothing to you, like WindyPondF!re8154. That’s a lot easier to remember, and it’s basically impossible to guess.

Secure passwords are very important. Using dates, names, and other easy-to-guess passwords just aren’t enough anymore.