How to Spot a Fake Financial Advisor Scam

Penny Holmes September 30, 2020

If you’re thinking about sitting down with an advisor to talk about your financial future, be cautious. Scammers who pose as financial advisors and credit counselors will steal your information–and clean out your accounts. Before you hand over any information, look for these red flags. And remember, trust your instincts! …

Warning: Voter Scams Might Be Targeting You

Penny Holmes September 25, 2020

The election is just weeks away, and scammers are stepping up their efforts. It’s an ideal opportunity for phishing scams and other fraud. The Better Business Bureau, AARP, and the FBI have all issued warnings about the tactics these scammers are using to take advantage of people during the election. …

Scammers Follow in the Wake of Hurricane Sally

Penny Holmes September 23, 2020

As Florida struggles with the aftermath of Hurricane Sally, scammers are eager to exploit the disaster. Widespread property damage, as well as the emotional upheaval of losing precious possessions, makes these unlucky Floridians targets for scams and fraud. Florida Attorney General Ashley Moody isn’t going to let them get away …

Senior Travel Scams Could Hit Hard This Year

Penny Holmes September 18, 2020

Scams and frauds of all stripes are on the rise. Thanks to the unprecedented uncertainty of the coronavirus pandemic, Americans have lost millions upon millions of dollars to these criminals. One type of scam we have not discussed here targets seniors who are planning to travel. Although most of us …

Have You Fallen for Any of These COVID-19 Scams?

scamcatchers September 16, 2020

In times of uncertainty, you can always expect con artists to come out of the woodwork. And with so many people struggling with their finances, their careers, and their health, the scammers are out in full force. A lot of these ploys are simple to spot, but some are frighteningly …

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3 Scams on the Rise Right Now–Don’t Get Tricked!
Penny Holmes September 16, 2020

3 Scams on the Rise Right Now–Don’t Get Tricked!

Scammers never stop trying to find new ways to trick us. Just this week, multiple agencies warned us about evolving scams that target Netflix users, the USPS, and payment apps. Netflix Phishing Scams This type of phishing scam is deceptively simple. You get an email from what appears to be …
How Grandparent Scams Scare Seniors with Fake Emergencies
Penny Holmes September 11, 2020

How Grandparent Scams Scare Seniors with Fake Emergencies

With Grandparents Day fast approaching on September 13, it’s a good time to talk to your elderly loved ones about emergency scams. This all-too-common con targets loving grandparents, using fear and high-pressure tactics to get money fast. How the Scam Works This scam begins long before the panicked phone call …
College Professor Confesses to Decades-Long Race Con
Penny Holmes September 9, 2020

College Professor Confesses to Decades-Long Race Con

As an associate professor at George Washington University, Jessica Krug taught classes on African history that draw on her cultural roots as a Black Caribbean woman from the Bronx. There was just one problem: Krug is a white, Jewish woman from Kansas City. The Con Collapses Krug herself broke the …

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Scammers Arrested for Covid Relief Fraud
Penny Holmes August 28, 2020

Scammers Arrested for Covid Relief Fraud

Federal and local law enforcement officials have their hands full trying to stop the spread of scams during the pandemic. Between peddling fake PPE, scamming unemployment and paycheck relief funds, and targeted phishing attempts on health professionals, we’ve seen an unprecedented amount of fraud this year. Paycheck Protection Program Whenever …
Beware Fake Distance Learning Tools
Penny Holmes August 26, 2020

Beware Fake Distance Learning Tools

As we enter the school year with an unprecedented amount of uncertainty, scammers are eagerly seizing their opportunity. With parents scrambling to outfit their kids for distance learning, or coping with new requirements for in-classroom education, the market is flooded with frauds. Online Shopping Scams on the Rise Jason Meza, …