Girl Scout Cookie Scam Perplexes New Yorkers

Chad North

A father and daughter have been identified as the culprits behind a bizarre scam involving Girl Scout cookies. The pair would allegedly offer to sell their victims the popular brand of dessert treats, only to never send the products. Eleven people in Long Island contacted the authorities about the scam, …

Insidious Law Enforcement Scams You Need to Know About

Chad North

Scammers are trying to put a new twist on a very old scam. You’ve probably heard about law enforcement scams. They involve a criminal posing as a police officer to intimidate you into handing over money. These scams take lots of forms, but perhaps their most common is over the …

Phishing Emails: How to Spot Them

Chad North

Sometimes, criminals use advanced hacking techniques and cutting-edge technology to steal information from corporate server banks. Most of the time, though, they just send a phishing email and hope someone takes the bait. The vast majority of cybercriminals are pretty low-tech, it turns out. So, how can you spot phishing …

New Postal Service Phishing Scam Targets Users Over Text Messages

Chad North

If you’re waiting for a package to come in the mail these days, you know it can take a long time for your order to arrive. Delays in the shipping industry have snarled supply lines and left customers frustrated with the glacial pace of shipping. Some scammers have taken this …

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