Beirut Charity Scams and More

Penny Holmes August 12, 2020

Six months into the coronavirus pandemic–and two months away from a contentious election–there hasn’t been a more uncertain time in recent American memory. Scammers thrive in uncertainty, and they’re not letting up as 2020 heats up. To keep yourself, your information, and your bank account safe, we’ve rounded up some …

Coronavirus Facebook Scams Could Cost You

Penny Holmes August 7, 2020

Social media platforms are rife with scams and misinformation, especially during the coronavirus pandemic. While some platforms are trying to crack down on false claims about the virus, they’re struggling to catch all the scams running rampant. That means it’s up to you to keep yourself safe. Shopping Scams Although …

Watch Out for Arizona Lottery Scam Emails

Penny Holmes August 5, 2020

Scammers just keep finding new ways to ply the classic “Spanish Prisoner” or “Nigerian Prince” scam. This week, an unknown group of fraudsters is blanketing inboxes with a message that promises big winnings. The scam is a little convoluted, but here’s what happened: When someone hit the $410 million jackpot …

Why Is China Mailing Packets of Mysterious Seeds to Americans?

Penny Holmes July 31, 2020

Earlier this week, multiple news outlets picked up a very strange story. Residents from more than 15 states, as well as the District of Columbia, had been receiving packages full of unmarked seeds in the mail from China. That’s weird, right? Now, the absolute last thing you want in the …

Students Forced to Fake Their Own Kidnappings in International Extortion Racket

Penny Holmes July 29, 2020

Buckle in, folks, because this is a wild ride. News broke yesterday about criminal gangs targeting international students in “virtual kidnapping” scams. The thing is, the kids weren’t actually kidnapped. They were forced to fake their own kidnappings as part of a massive fraud that raked in millions of dollars …

Editor's pick

Maryland Busts $500 Million Unemployment Claim Scheme
Penny Holmes July 17, 2020

Maryland Busts $500 Million Unemployment Claim Scheme

Maryland’s governor, Larry Hogan, announced that state officials have busted a “massive criminal enterprise” this week. The Fraud Discovered Over July 4th weekend, the Maryland Department of Labor noted a huge uptick in out-of-state Pandemic Unemployment Assistance Claims. That naturally raised a red flag, and investigators discovered that almost 50,000 …

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IRS Warns of Tax Scams This Week
Penny Holmes July 15, 2020

IRS Warns of Tax Scams This Week

The Internal Revenue Service is warning US taxpayers about a wave of scams this week. The IRS stated that scammers are “hard at work looking for ways to steal your personal information and your money.” Today is the revised tax deadline, following the initial grace period during the early stages …
3 Scams to Watch Out For Right Now
Penny Holmes July 8, 2020

3 Scams to Watch Out For Right Now

At Scam Catchers, we’re always on the hunt for the stories that impact you–and your wallet. Here are 3 scams that you should know about. COVID-19 Unemployment Scams Local news outlets across the country are warning people about a brand-new outbreak of coronavirus unemployment scams. Identity thieves are using stolen …
Child Identity Theft Has Long-Term Consequences
Penny Holmes July 6, 2020

Child Identity Theft Has Long-Term Consequences

Think only adults can be the victims of identity theft? Think again! More than a million children have their identities stolen every year. This can have a long-term impact on their lives, from difficulty establishing their own credit to trouble getting student loans or buying homes in the future. A …